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Please note that if you place an order that includes any custom-made items, your entire order will be shipped once your custom item is ready unless you send me an email ([email protected])stating you need the non-custom item(s) right away. In which case, there may be an additional S&H charge for sending two shipments.

Custom Activity Apron.                                  $40 + S&H

Don't see anything you like in a premade apron? Pick from one of the fabrics I have pictured below and I will custom make you an activity apron.
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Activity Apron                                                   $40 + S&H

Looking for a new bonding tool for your gliders? Wear one of these Activity Aprons and let your glider have playtime on you, as well as with you! There are lots of fun things for your glider to play with and there is even a zippered pouch so that your glider can curl up for a nap while you’re doing your thing around the house. Order the one you like today because these are each one-of-a-kind and once sold, it's gone. 
[A new twist on the Activity Apron originally sold by Val Betts - made with her permission.]

Psychedelic  Skulls

Minnie Mouse


Luck of the Irish



Snoopy Christmas

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