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Australian Wombaroo Diet (AWD)

Feeding Guidelines for Sugar Gliders:
These guidelines largely rely on using Wombaroo High Protein Supplement (HPS) to provide the essential protein, fatty acids, vitamins & minerals in the diet.

The addition of other nutritional supplements or high energy foods is not recommended as this can severely affect the balance of nutrients in the diet. However, there is plenty of scope for variation within the food types presented in the diet as outlined in the accompanying notes.

The diet is based on a 130g adult animal at maintenance with a calculated energy requirement of approximately 113 kJ/day.

Approximate feeding proportions of the diet are as follows:
Type of Food to Offer
 Daily Amount per Glider
Fruits & Vegetables (preferably fresh)
1 Tbsp. diced fruits
1 Tbsp. diced vegetables
 HPS (High Protein Supplement)
2 tsp. of prepared HPS solution drizzled over top of fruits & vegetables
 Alternate Protein (2-3 nights per week)
Use 1 Tbsp. of an alternate to the HPS Solution such as cooked chicken, chicken bone marrow, scrambled eggs, yogurt, etc.
 SCF (Small Carnivore Food)
1 tsp. of prepared SCF in addition to HPS solution
 Insects (live, frozen or freeze-dried)
3-4 large mealworms, crickets or other small invertebrates
HPS solution is prepared as follows:
1/4 cup HPS powder
1/3 cup warm water
Mix together with a wire whisk or shake to mix in a sealed container. Do NOT use a blender or electric mixer as this will make the solution very thick and less palatable for your gliders.

For breeding or growing gliders, increase the amount of HPS solution or SCF by 50%

Further information about the Australian Wombaroo Diet can be found on The Glider Initiative's Educational Articles page.

Critter Love Original ( formerly known as OHPW)

You will need:

~ 2 cups warm water

~ 1½ cups honey (raw, unfiltered honey as per P. Brewer, the creator of this diet)

~ 1 Tablespoon Bee Pollen

~ ¼ cup Wombaroo High Protein Supplement (HPS)

~ 3 eggs - scrambled

To prepare:
1) Cook eggs, set aside.

2) In medium bowl, mix honey into warm water until dissolved. Add Wombaroo HPS and mix well.

3) In blender, mix eggs and bee pollen and ¼ cup of Wombaroo mix(from step 2). Blend for aprox. 2 minutes.

4) Add remaining mixture and blend an additional 3 minutes.

5) Pour into a freezer-safe bowl with an air tight lid and freeze.

Mixture when frozen will be the consistency of ice cream and very easy to serve.

Each glider will be served the following:

~ 1.5 teaspoon Original High Protein Wombaroo (OHPW) mixture

~ 1 Tablespoon fruits

~ 1 Tablespoon vegetables

Mealworms given in the morning before gliders go to sleep will help keep their teeth clean

Wombaroo Shake-N-Make Nectar can be given twice a week

Live mealworms can be ordered from