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Due to family health issues, we are having to implement a limit on the number of Weekenders and Day Packers that can be ordered at any given time. If you are unable to place an order, please contact me to be added to the waiting list. I will notify you when I have availability for your order. Also, please understand that due to these limits, rush orders are not possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding as I go through this difficult time.

Please note that if you place an order that includes any custom-made items, your entire order will be shipped once your custom item is ready unless you send me an email ( you need the non-custom item(s) right away. In which case, there may be an additional S&H charge for sending two shipments. Custom orders are taking 3-4 weeks to complete. 


The water bottles are not meant to be used while the car is in motion. They are meant for use at the final destination. The reasoning for this is that the movement of the car makes the bottle drain out in most cases. Instead, most people that travel with their gliders provide juicy fruits such as apple slices and grapes so their gliders can stay hydrated during the trip.

Travel Accessories

The Day Packer & the Weekender were created so you can discreetly travel with your gliders. The fashionable tote features six outer pockets, comfortable web shoulder straps and a mesh liner with waterproof bottom. Tote has a snap-closure for easy removal of the mesh liner for cleaning. Mesh liner has tabs to ease removal from tote. Tote body is made from coordinating heavy-weight denim. Tote pocket is available in your Choice of Fabrics. Mesh is available in smokey blue, white, orange, forest green, red, black, lime green, royal blue, yellow, purple, burgundy, brown and beige. Now offering the mesh insert in multi colors like the Rubik's cube. Please specify both fabric & mesh choices below when placing the order. Orders can take up to 4 weeks to ship as they are custom made to your details. You will receive a tracking number once the shipping label is printed.

Day Packer                                                  $80.00 plus S&H

The Day Packer measures 13"h x 15"w x 11"d. This is a great way to travel safely with your gliders. Now comes with a water bottle holder and pouch. Think of it as your gliders' car seat - simply buckle it into your backseat with the seat belt and keep your gliders safe when you suddenly have to hit the brakes. Don't let your gliders be at risk by carrying them in their bonding pouch on your chest where the seat belt could injure them. Includes fleece pole  covers for the top 4 poles of the framework as well as pouch and water bottle holder. The mesh insert measures 13x9x13.

Specify Pocket Fabric
Specify Mesh Color

Weekender                                                   $175.00 plus S&H

The Weekender measures 16"h x 16"w x 16"d. Framework ready for the included Jr. Stealth Wheel. A great travel cage for your gliders, it can be used for when you go on vacation or to your next glider gathering. Why carry a huge travel cage along? Just use the Weekender. There is plenty of room for the included: wheel, water bottle, food dish/toy, c-clips and the gliders' pouch. Fleece pole covers for the top four poles are included with plastic rings to hang the water bottle, food dish/toy and pouch. Small enough to carry as a tote, but big enough for your gliders' comfort while traveling.  The Weekender is also a great car carrier for your gliders. Simply set it on the back seat and drop one of the straps over the headrest. 

Specify Pocket Fabric
Specify Mesh Color

How to Assemble Your Weekender