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Holiday Sale on selected treats.

Check out the lower prices on some of my treats. Prices good to the end of the year. So stock up now.

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Please note that if you place an order that includes any custom-made items, your entire order will be shipped once your custom item is ready unless you send me an email ( you need the non-custom item(s) right away. In which case, there may be an additional S&H charge for sending two shipments.

Glider Treats

9 oz Herbivore Variety Pack. Includes Rose hips, Vegetables (Carrots and Peas), Red Clover Flowers and Hibiscus.

9 oz Sugar Glider Treat Variety pack includes Yogurt Drops, Island Blend, Papaya and Pineapple.

Treat Selection

Eucalyptus Leaves

Eucalyptus Branches

approx. 0.5g per bag

Eucalyptus Sticks

Eucalyptus leaves on a stick to hang in your cage.

Treat Selection

8 pack of Pure Honey Sticks. Now in original,Peach, Watermelon or  Mango flavors

Honey stick Flavors

Hawaiian Sugar Cane

(20) 7" sticks

Tropical Fruit Salad

Kiwi, Papaya, pineapple, Star Fruit, Cantaloupe, Strawberries.

Diced Figs
Dried Turkish figs.

Veggie Blend

Dried Carrots,Peppers,Sweet Potatoes and Peas

Treat Selection

Monkey Biscuits

8oz in Regular and Orange flavor

Monkey Biscuits

4 oz  in Regular and Orange flavor.

Treat Selection

Dried Oranges

California Dried Pears

Dried Kiwi Slices
Treat Selection

Dried Jackfruit

Dried Red Dragon

75g bag

Dried Cantaloupe
Treat Selection

Flower Assortment

Mix of Rose Petals,Calendula and Hibiscus

Dried Hibiscus flowers

Rose petals and buds

Treat Selection

Yogurt Drops or Trail Mix- 400g

400g  in resealable plastic bag

Yogurt Drops - 100g

100g yogurt drops in resealable container

Glider Trail Mix

Mix of pine nuts,yogurt drops, and dried diced island blend in a resealable container
400g Treats
Treat Selection

Island Blend 100g

Dried diced coconut, papaya,
mango and pineapple

Island Blend 8 oz

Dried diced coconut, papaya,
mango and pineapple

Fruit medley

Diced papaya, pineapple, mango,raisins and coconut

Treat Selection

Papaya,Mango, Yogurt

Papaya and Pineapple

Treat Selection

Cricket Crunch

Freeze dried crickets

Bug Blend

Freeze dried crickets,mealworms and grasshoppers

Groovy Grasshoppers

Freeze dried grasshoppers

Treat Selection

Dried mealworms

1.96 oz jar

Dried Mealworms

3.57 oz bag

Dried Mealworms

7.16 oz tub
Treat Selection

All Fresh Eucalyptus Products are shipped directly to you from the grower in California with Free Shipping

Eucalyptus starter Pack
-1/4 pound of fresh leaves
-1/4 pound of chew sticks
-1 small branch

Eucalyptus Combo Pack
-Half  leaves, Half  branches

Chew Sticks

1/2 Pound Eucalyptus Combo

Feeds 1-2

Fresh Leaves & Branches together

1 Pound  Eucalyptus Combo

Feeds 2-4

A Gallon Ziplock bag full of fresh leaves plus a nice size bundle of branches as well.

 2 Pound Eucalyptus Combo

Feeds 5-20

2- 1 Gallon Zip lock Bags full of leaves and at least 2 Branches.

5 Pound Eucalyptus Combo

*For Breeders, Wholesalers & Aviaries.

Enough for the whole gang! 5- Gallon size zip-lock freezer bags full of leaves and at least 5 branches! 

Fresh Eucalyptus Branches

1/2 Pound of Branches

(your Choice of Branch Size)
4- 1' Long x 1/2" thick
2- 1' long x 1" thick
2- 2' long x 1/2" thick
1- 2' long x 1" thick

1 Pound of Branches

(your choice of branch size)

8-1' long x 1/2" thick

4- 1' long x 1" thick

2- 2' long x 1" thick

1- 1' long x 2" thick

1- 3' long x 1/2" thick

2 Pounds of Branches

(your choice of branch size)

16- 1' long x 1/2" thick
8- 1' long x 1" thick
4- 2' long x 1" thick
2- 3' long x 1/2" thick
2- 1' long x 2" thick
1- 4' long x 1/2" thick
1- 2' long x 2" thick

5 Pounds of Branches

(your choice of branch size)
40- 1' long x 1/2" thick
20- 1' long x 1"thick
10- 1'long x 2" thick
10- 20" long x 1" thick
5- 20" long x 2" thick
2- 4' long x 1" thick
1- 6' long x 1" thick
1- 5' tree with branches

Chew Sticks

Fresh Eucalyptus Leaves

Eucs have two types of leaves. Younger leaves are oval shaped, while the more mature leaves are Banana shaped. Some people and/or pets have a preference. You can choose yours below.

1/2 Pound of Fresh Leaves
(feeds 1-2)

A Gallon zip-lock bag pretty full with a nice variety of leaves. 

1 Pound of Fresh Leaves

(Feeds 2-4)

About 5 Handfuls of leaves still attached to their twigs

2 Pounds of Fresh Leaves

(feeds 5-20)

A Jumbo box consisting of 2 gallon size zip-lock bags stuffed full

5 Pounds of Fresh Leaves

(For Breeders & Aviaries)

A lot of Leaves! We will even throw in some small branches for free! 

Chew Sticks

Fresh Eucalyptus Chew sticks
-cut fresh & Cleaned

1/2 Pound of Chew Sticks

10-20 small sticks with leaves.

Fresh Eucalyptus Chew sticks

1 Pound of Chew Sticks

20-30 smaller branches cut and cleaned with bark still attached.

Fresh Eucalyptus Chew sticks

2 Pounds of Chew Sticks

30-40 sticks 3"-12" long

Fresh Eucalyptus Chew sticks

5 Pounds of Chew Sticks

Lots of small, medium and large branch cuttings with the bark still attached.

Chew Sticks